Dusek antialergico

It offers excellent comfort, based on a combination of classical spring wire core and a rich extra filling, which together provide an ideal support for the body, and thus enabling high-quality sleep. Cotton wadding, that is on both sides, absorb body heat while the polyurethane foam provides additional comfort. Antialergico mattress has a specially treated polyester which protect against dust mites, allergies and asthma occurrence. It is important to point out that the cover is anti-allergicly treated. On the sides in length are two vents that are used to circulate the air inside the mattress. We recommend it to people who expect the ultimate satisfaction with the mattress, clean place for rest, a healthy environment for sleep, especially to those who already suffer from asthma or are prone to allergies.

Base (reinforced with felt):
• Spring wire core in Bonnell type with densely spaced springs made of wire in diameter of 2.2mm. Height of springs is 14cm. On core is stapled thermobonded felt in weight of 1.000g/m2 that protects quilted panel from damage and gives it a better strength.

• Polyurethane foam in density of 20kg/m3 and thickness of 2cm
• cotton wadding in weight of 60g/m2 (on both sides)

• Spunboned in weight of 17g/m2.
• Polyester wad in weight of 300g/m2 to isolate the particles that can cause allergies
• Cotton fabric treated to be anti allergic

• 60x120; 65x135; 70x130/140cm;
• 80/90/100/120/140/150/160/180x190(200)cm

• approximately 23cm

• For the spring wire core is 5 years.
• For the mattress is for 36 months.